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Osteopathic Services

Paediatric Osteopathy

Babies often have discomforts which may be alleviated with osteopathic treatment.

Prokinetic™ Insole Fitting 

Very simple and comfortable insoles which work alongside osteopathic principals by helping your body to help itself better. More information can be found on Prokinetic's website

Pregnancy & Post Pregnancy

For aches and pains and discomfort during pregnancy and following birth.

Neck & Back Pain

Emphasis is placed on increasing circulation to the joints and surrounding tissues, both with hands on treatment and with home exercises

Sports Injuries

Treatment includes functional assessment, hands on treatment when appropriate, exercise advice and possible referral to other specialists when required

Postural Assessment & Advice

Functional assessment of active movements and static postures which may be causing you discomfort or pain.

Jaw Pain & Headache

Osteopathy may assist with alleviating muscular tension of the head neck and jaw, as seen with headaches, TMJ syndrome,  orthodontic work, postural strain

Cranial Osteopathy

A known description for an osteopathic approach, which can feel gentle and subtle to the recipient. People of all ages from babies to elderly may potentially respond well to this approach.

Simple Corrective Exercises

Based on assessment of postural habits and location of aches and pains, easy to follow and logical corrective exercises are given for home and work and daily activities

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