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Sunrise Osteopathy

Osteopathic Clinic in Mosman 

Rati M Howley

M.Ost, BAppSc/Osteo

Rati is very passionate about assisting others to optimise their sense of ease and well being within their body.


As an Osteopath, Rati focuses on how the body functions as a whole organism, making sense of the various symptoms being experienced, in order to alleviate them and bring the body back into balance.


Rati actively pursues ongoing post-graduate studies in various branches of osteopathy including: 

  • Women, babies and children

  • Cranio-dental osteopathy

  • Jaw pain and headaches

  • Posture and movement assessment and correction 

  • Breathing assessment, correction and exercises

  • Sports injuries

  • Back and neck pain and more


Masters of Osteopathy

Bachelor of Applied Science/Osteopathy

Dip. Massage, Zen Shiatsu Therapies, Wholistic Counselling



Osteopathy Australia




About Osteopathy

Osteopathic Services

Paediatric Osteopathy

 Babies have discomforts which may respond well to osteopathic treatment 

Neck & Back Pain

Emphasis is placed on increasing circulation to the joints and surrounding tissues, both with hands on treatment and with home exercises

Jaw Pain & Headache

Headaches may be related to jaw or neck or other tissue tension, or postural strains.

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